Historic Home

In 1872 this house was built in Bozeman; one of the first homes to be constructed in the area. This whole house renovation was a delight to accomplish. We took the home to an updated and comfortable state.

Some of the challenges were getting the structure sound, increasing the head room on the second floor and adding a bath to the second floor. The home had been in need of updating for some time. There had been a few additions over the years that had not been incorporated to the original structure well. The stairs were steep and narrow with a very small landing on the second floor. The plumbing and wiring were a jumble that had to be completely replaced. The original bath was on the first floor accessed through the kitchen which is a common layout for older homes and not very ideal.

We started by gutting the house to the studs. Removing the plaster, siding, floors, etc. To our surprise inside the exterior walls were full of bricks and mortar! A condition that we have seen again over the years. Once the walls were open we could address getting the existing additions attached to the main home properly. We then cut into the roof to add a shed dormer. By doing this we increased the second floor square footage which allowed for adding a bedroom, an office nook and a second bath. This also allowed for a proper staircase that is built to code. The insulation was also brought up to code and in some places exceeded it.

The first floor layout was opened up to modernize the home. A new kitchen with lots of cabinets and counter space integrates nicely to the dining room with an opening along the stairs for a look into the living room. All new wood floors of quarter sawn white oak were installed. The first floor bath no longer is accessed through the kitchen. A laundry room was added which allowed us to add an exterior door on the north side to the driveway. All the windows and doors, interior and exterior were replaced. By choosing the right brand we were able to keep the charm of the historic feel. The window and door openings were reconfigured to maximize use and let more light into the home. Now there it is an updated home that is functional and comfortable.

Project Details:

Whole House Remodel


Historic Home

  • Whole house remodel
  • Shed dormer addition
  • Windows and doors
  • Quarter sawn oak floors
  • Plumbing and wiring
  • Hardi Plank siding